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Introducing TextMe!

Hey guys,

As promised a little while ago, here is an exclusive sneak peek into one of our shiny new products. This service is very much in beta – but works as it is supposed to and hence we are opening it out to everyone connected to us on our blog, facebook page and twitter account.

Get TextMe Here

What is TextMe?
Well, TextMe is a product which originated out of our own pressing problem.
There have been countless times when we needed to get some information out from a webpage and either text it to ourselves or a friend or a relative. Typing out a substantially large piece of information from a webpage is not only cumbersome – but also inefficient and can result in major errors.

Enter TextMe
TextMe is a Firefox addon (sorry IE, Chrome, Safari people) which allows you  to select text from the screen, right click and send it to your phone via SMS.

What do I use it for?
Umm … Anything you want to send from your browser to your phone.
In our limited experience, we have sent out addresses, jokes, recipes and any other (little) pieces of information that we needed.

How much do I pay?
Nothing currently.
TextMe will always have a free version.

Even later, as our privileged beta users, we will sign you up with our premium plans (if and when they come out) for a couple of months – completely free of cost. You can then decide if you would like to continue with the premium plans or switch to a free plan.
(Sending out text messages costs money you know …)

Hmm .. So whats the catch?
1. You need to have an Indian cell phone number (currently. US support coming soon).
2. If you have DND (Do not disturb) enabled on your phone, you must be subscribed to channel 6. (SMS “START 6” to 1909) to get the messages delivered to you.
3. You can send messages of upto 480 characters currently.
4. You can send messages ONLY to YOUR phone.
5. Though there is no limit on the number of messages you can send out currently, we’d appreciate it if you did not abuse the system.

What does beta mean?
Beta (for us atleast), means that though the product is functional and will work for most of the use cases it was designed for, it may undergo rapid changes in functionality and may be down from time to time while the service gets updated.
Some things might not be working at their optimum capacities and help may be required in some cases to get something going (just contact us).

This is so cool! Where can I contact you guys?
Best place would be on our facebook page ( or if you want to contact us privately, drop us an email at: textme [at]

Hope you guys enjoy the service and find it to be as useful as we do!
(More updates will be published on our blog, facebook page and twitter. So be sure to follow us atleast in one of these places)