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People buy “not” what you do — but “why” you do it

Sometime ago, I had come across this extremely inspiring talk by Simon Sinek.

He talks about how people buy “not” what you do — but “why” you do it.
He talks about the importance of being passionate about why you do the things that you do and in a way explaining why Apple – being a computer company is one of the most successful phone and mp3 player manufacturing company as well.

I was doing some research on the latest Google Nexus S phone and came across the homepage of their phone.
Now, I haven’t really used an official Google phone earlier – but just their web presence felt extremely uninspiring and if I were to compare it with Apple’s iPhone 4 website, I would definitely go with the iPhone.

Compare the videos on the page to the video that iPhone has. Compared to Apple’s video – which makes me feel – I *just* have to have the iPhone, Google’s videos of their engineers explaining features feels like a drag (and drains the life out of you).

Better marketing? Maybe.
More passion? Definitely so!

Even though Google may have a superior product – in terms of features and hardware, it’s a no-brainer really – that if people are to compare just the two sites and videos, they’d choose the iPhone (all other things being equal).

Original link to Simon Sinek’s talk is here:

What do you think? Which phone you’d buy? Why?

What we believe

We had envisioned this to be a very zen-like article on software (wanting to set the tone — this being the very first post on the blog). We however realised that none of us actually have the zen-like-knowledge nor conviction to write anything about software that any of you haven’t already read.

So, instead, we have decided to list down a few beliefs that define us as a company (a charter of sorts, if you may)

  1. We believe that all software in the world should be pretty
    The world is already full of stuff that is not very pleasing to look at. Software – which is something that we have complete control over and can design ourselves must atleast be good to look at.  Pretty enough to warrant a second look when it walks down the street and we at Intellista shall strive to  make all the software that steps out of our studios – turn heads wherever it goes.
  2. We believe that we are stupid and will continue to be so …
    We sincerely believe that we are stupid about many things. And when we stop being stupid about certain things, we shall find new things to be stupid about. We believe that being stupid helps us learn faster, take mistakes in our stride and learn from them without being overwhelmed by them.
  3. We believe in always finding a better way to get something done!
    We believe that there is always a better way of achieving something. Be it writing a super-complicated piece of code to implement a tricky algorithm – or making a cup of cappuccino. There is always a better way. And everytime we do something again for the second time, we try and improve on stuff that we did the first time around.
  4. We believe in always having a bias towards action.
    Whenever we are faced with a choice to “think” about something a wee bit longer vis-a-vis implement it, we are biased towards action (and implementation) as we believe that good things always come out of doing things rather than thinking about them for an eternity.

We hope that these concise points help you in understanding what to expect from us in the future.
We are a small, young software startup from Pune, India and are always experimenting and learning from our experiences. We have an uncanny knack of picking up new things – and very quickly at that.

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We truly believe that technology is just a means to an end and no (technological) problem is so complicated that it cannot be solved by figuring out which bits and bytes to manipulate.