People buy “not” what you do — but “why” you do it

Sometime ago, I had come across this extremely inspiring talk by Simon Sinek.

He talks about how people buy “not” what you do — but “why” you do it.
He talks about the importance of being passionate about why you do the things that you do and in a way explaining why Apple – being a computer company is one of the most successful phone and mp3 player manufacturing company as well.

I was doing some research on the latest Google Nexus S phone and came across the homepage of their phone.
Now, I haven’t really used an official Google phone earlier – but just their web presence felt extremely uninspiring and if I were to compare it with Apple’s iPhone 4 website, I would definitely go with the iPhone.

Compare the videos on the page to the video that iPhone has. Compared to Apple’s video – which makes me feel – I *just* have to have the iPhone, Google’s videos of their engineers explaining features feels like a drag (and drains the life out of you).

Better marketing? Maybe.
More passion? Definitely so!

Even though Google may have a superior product – in terms of features and hardware, it’s a no-brainer really – that if people are to compare just the two sites and videos, they’d choose the iPhone (all other things being equal).

Original link to Simon Sinek’s talk is here:

What do you think? Which phone you’d buy? Why?

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