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The AdMogul

The AdMogul is our foray into the world of social games.

The game is based around television commercials (hence the name) and challenges you to pick the best commercials from within a particular campaign. If your choices match that of the general population, you gain Xp (or experience points) which help you in winning cool real-world gifts and merchandise at the end of the month.

The top scorers every month are rewarded with gift vouchers and AdMogul merchandise. The game is completely free and you can play it with your friends and people from your city and country.

We curate super-fun-to-watch commercials from all over the world and even if you are not into games, you can still enjoy the game by watching advertising brilliance from across the globe, delivered fresh to you everyday!

Check out AdMogul here.

AdMogul Home Dashboard
The AdMogul home screen. Pick which campaign you are going to play today!
AdMogul Challenge View
The AdMogul challenge view. Challenge your friends and other people from your city and country!
AdMogul Compare View
The AdMogul compare view. Compare your selections with your friends.
AdMogul Home Campaign View
The AdMogul campaign view. Check out the cool ads and pick the ones that you would air if you were the AdMogul!
AdMogul Stats Screen
The AdMogul stats screen. Check out how you have been faring with cool statistics and graphs!
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Microsoft Asp.Net

We, at Intellista have more than six years of development experience in Asp.Net. We are extremely well versed with the nuances of the development stack and have experience in developing and maintaining code in Asp.Net from the 1.1 version of the framework to the current 4.0 version.

We are adept at developing comprehensive web applications using either the Web forms or the MVC architecture - though we have developed a strong liking for the MVC 3.0 stack and do most of our new development on this.

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EventAZoo is a comprehensive online event management and ticket booking solution and has every feature that you could need in an event management suite.

It will set up a complete, comprehensive website for your event with ticketing, custom forms, email and SMS notifications and a tonne of other features thrown in for good measure! You can create unlimited events on the system and each event can have any number of sub-events.

Some of the features you get out of the box are:

  • Sub Events
  • Ticketing (Emails with bar codes).
  • SMS Gateway integration.
  • Payment Gateway integration with CCAvenue and EBS.
  • Custom Registration Form Builder.
  • Customisable Themes for different events.
  • Pages for each event and sub event.
  • Powerful admin interface to manage each and every aspect of your event.

We are offering EventAZoo as a white label solution and can customize it and add / remove features to it as per your requirements. You will get the complete source code when you purchase a license to the same along with one year of support and free upgrades.

Licenses start from USD 799.00

Click here to request a demo.

EventAZoo My Event
EventAZoo: Easy wizard based event setup and creation.
EventAZoo Registrations
EventAZoo: List of all registrants which can be categorized and sorted.
EventAZoo Gallery
EventAZoo: Add photographs and maintain a gallery of images.
EventAZoo News
EventAZoo: Completely customizable websites generated for your event.
EventAZoo Register
EventAZoo: The registration page.
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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Having built two extremely comprehensive crowd sourcing solutions for our clients and our own product (AdMogul), we have learnt the ins and outs of everything related to Amazon's Mechanical Turk platform.

After having successfully delivered these solutions, we are very confident of architecting, buildling and deploying a system which taps into the human intelligence of real people spread over the globe in an extremely cost-effective and efficient manner.

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User Experience Design

"Getting more done with less" is what application development today is all about. Gone are the days of clunky and bloated software with their difficult to use interfaces.

We at Intellista deeply believe that software should be extremely simple to use and intuitive. Your users should not have to refer a manual or think twice about what a particular button or link does.

We have a dedicated team at Intellista which can design and deliver the best user interface and interaction experience to the users for your software application. Be it on the web, desktop or mobile. Our team has more than five years of experience in designing user experiences and are always up to date with the latest happening in that space.

So when we design the user interface for your next desktop application or website - it will not only be sleek and sexy, but also extremely functional and usable.

Ever had a to pick between a choice of films and didn't know which one to watch? Compovie is your answer!

Compovie is a movie comparison tool that we cooked up over a weekend to help solve all our movie watching dilemmas. It worked so well that we made it available to everyone -- for free!

Compovie compares a list of movies that you specify from highly reputed sources - viz. the IMDB database and Rotten Tomatoes. It will even give you a nice movie poster, a synposis and other relevant important information so that you can make a smart decision.

So head over to: http://compovie.com and kiss your movie-choosing problems away.

Compovie It! and kiss your movie-choosing problems away!

MongoDB is an extremely popular, NO-SQL database which has seen massive adoption off-late. While it is not recommended for every application, it really saves the day for the ones which need to dump a tonne of data in a very short period of time (like for our AdMogul game).

Being a document store also has its advantages.

We have used MongoDB extensively over the past eight months on our own product (AdMogul - which is a social game) and also a couple of our client projects which had gigabytes of weakly-structured data to be stored and retrieved extremely quickly.

We have learnt and lived and built our understanding of this stack and are extremely confident of delivering solutions that require a NoSQL database stack to be used.

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Idea Management

Intellista's Idea Management system is a web application tool that can be used to log, manage and track ideas for just about any project.

The software allows other members to vote up / down on ideas and has gamification built in to encourage participation. Users can get points for submitting ideas, voting for other ideas, etc.

The application allows you to create admin as well as normal users. Admins can edit and moderate ideas that are being posted.

Some of the other great features of the application are:

  • Daily Email Activity Summaries
  • A google bot which can be used to log in ideas directly from a Jabber / GTalk client.
  • A powerful search and tagging feature which can dig up the idea you are looking for in a jiffy.

We are offering the Idea Management System as a white label solution and can customize it and add / remove features to it as per your requirements. You will get the complete source code when you purchase a license to the same along with one year of support.

Licenses start from USD 259.00

Click here to request a demo.

Idea Management Dashboard
The Idea Management Dashboard
Idea Management Idea Page
Vote for ideas that you love!
Idea Management Browse Ideas
Poweful search and tagging features let you immediately locate the idea you are looking for.
Idea Management Bot
Google bot support comes integrated - no need to login to the website!
Idea Management Submit Idea
Submitting an idea is a dead simple one step process - encouraging people to submit even more ideas.
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Crowd Sourcing

There are many complex technology challenges today - given the scale of web applications and the smarts that they need to have. Some of these problems would require extremely complicated systems to be written.

For example - automatic tagging of user uploaded images. Or, how do you identify whether an image that a particular user has uploaded is has adult-related content or not? Or, given a list of 1000 commercials, how can you automatically identify which of them relate to a particular brand?

Though software can be probably written to automate these tasks, it will be extremely complicated, hugely expensive and the results will need to be tweaked for a long time before we can get acceptable results.

In such scenarios, a quick and very inexpensive solution can be obtained by using crowd sourcing platforms in which humans come together from all over the world to do simple taks for small payments.

Instead of spending months and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars building a complicated system to filter out adult images from your user uploaded content, you can have a crowd sourced system setup in a couple of weeks with a fraction of the investment. You only pay agents if they give the correct output and the payments are in the range of a couple of cents for every image scanned.

We have built two such comprehensive crowd sourced systems for our clients from the ground up. One was for AdMogul - to source interesting commercials for he game and to clean the data from existing Youtube tags. The other system was for a client to clean data coming from event aggregation services (which have a lot of errors generally).

Though we learn and grow everyday, we believe that we have the expertise to architect and design such systems as per your needs and requirements. Once the entire application is designed, tasks are automatically created and agents automatically paid with minimum intervention required.

We offer consulting services in designing and architecting such systems and also building it from ground up if required.

Our choice of programming language is C# which gives us an extremely good balance between rapid development, great support and super fast performance on most hardware. Apart from delivering web applications using Asp.Net / C#, we have also developed many desktop applications ranging from Point of Sale systems to Hearing Aid Tuning software.

We have over six years of experience in developing in C# and have a good understanding and grasp of its pros and cons and other nuances.

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EventShelf is an event aggregation and listing solution.

If you run an organisation which has plenty of events happening - like a school, college, club, venue, etc. - EventShelf will help you showcase your events in a very easy, social manner.

It comes with tonnes of features right out of the box which makes it very easy to create, manage and share events. You can tag and categorise events, create communities, bookmark events and even let members from your community add events to your portal.

The entire system is highly skinnable and you can have different themes and skins for different sub-domains on the system. The event data can be consumed in a variety of formats including iCal, RSS feeds, email notifications, etc.

We are offering EventShelf as a white label solution and can customize it and add / remove features to it as per your requirements. You will get the complete source code when you purchase a license to the same along with one year of support.

Licenses start from USD 599.00

Click here to request a demo.

Eventshelf Add Event
Adding an event to EventShelf is extremely simple!
Eventshelf Collections
Event collections allow event creators to create their own collections of similar events.
Eventshelf Event Page
Event description pages are lucid with all important information displayed easily.
Eventshelf Collection Page
Collections and searches can be consumed via RSS feeds and events can be directly added to a plethora of calendaring software.
Eventshelf Admin Page
The Admin section allows you to change the look and feel of the site very easily with customizable themes.
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System Architecture and Design

"Successful systems are built on the strongest of foundations"

We have a dedicated team of consultants at Intellista who have more than five years of experience (each) in architecting, building and designing complex, highly scalable and very social applications - for the desktop, mobile and the web.

We have architected systems in the past with focus on speed, scalability and performance and are proud of the fact that we have delivered each and everytime.

We have an in-depth knowledge of technology solutions available in the market today, their pros and cons -- and can very easily suggest a technology fit for your problem. We have designed and architected systems and solutions in a plethora of technologies ranging from Ruby on Rails, Asp.Net, PHP, Python on the scripting front to MySQL, MS-SQL, MongoDB and Redis on the backend.

If you have a problem (traditional or otherwise) which can be solved with the help of technology, we can consult you on the technologies that you would require to build your solution along with designing and architecting the system to industry standard specifications. We also have a very talented team of developers who can implement the system for you if required.

Today, the Facebook eco system is extremely difficult to ignore if you are building a consumer / social application on the internet. We have worked very closely with the Facebook SDK and API for our own products (AdMogul) and also for a few client applications.

Having worked on the platform for more than a year and a half, we have a very good understanding of what works and what doesn't with it, what the platform is really good at and what should be avoided while using it.

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About Us


We are a small startup from Pune, India comprising of extremely efficient and highly talented people.

We started up in November 2010 with the purpose of writing beautiful software through better design and practices. We don't do everything under the sun - but are really good at what we do.

We are highly skilled and adept at building social, scalable web applications from start to finish and have delivered many successful projects in the time that we have been around. We are pretty adept at User experience design, system architecture, front end and back end programming and deploying solutions on platforms such as Amazon's Cloud Services.

Apart from consulting and providing development services, we have a few products in the event and idea management space.

We have recently launched our own Facebook game called The AdMogul which we are currently focussing on building and growing.

You can check out what we are upto by reading our blog

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